Testing Folklore

  • Every test must have an expected, predicted result

  • Effective testing requires complete, clear, consistent, and unambiguous specifications.

  • Bugs found earlier cost less to fix than bugs found later. – I might still believe this – only for those bugs that you could reasonably expect to find

  • Testers are the quality gatekeepers for a product

  • Repeated tests are fundamentally more valuable.

  • You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

  • Testing at boundary values is the best way to find bugs.

  • Test Documentation is needed to deflect legal liability.

  • The more bugs testers find before release, the better the testing effort.

  • Rigorous planning is essential for good testing.

  • Exploratory testing is unstructured testing, and is therefore un-realiable.

  • Adopting best practices will guarantee that we do a good job of testing.

  • Step by step instructions are necessary to make testing a repeatable process.

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