Exploratory Testing
A test touring heuristic.
    Feature tour: Move through the application and get familiar with all the controls and features you come across.
    Complexity tour: Find the five most complex things about the application.
    Claims tour: Find all the information in the product that tells you what the product does.
    Configuration tour: Attempt to find all the ways you can change settings in the product in a way that the application retains those settings.
    User tour: Imagine five users for the product and the information they would want from the product or the major features they would be interested in.
    Testability tour: Find all the features you can use as testability features and/or identify tools you have available that you can use to help in your testing.
    Scenario tour: Imagine five realistic scenarios for how the users identified in the user tour would use this product.
    Variability tour: Look for things you can change in the application - and then you try to change them.
    Interoperability tour: What does this application interact with?
    Data tour: Identify the major data elements of the application.
    Structure tour: Find everything you can about what comprises the physical product (code, interfaces, hardware, files, etc…).
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